Testimony story from real people:

I’m a 60-years old woman. I started to suffer hand joint stiffness in the morning and after long time sitting since 2007.  I also suffered mild knee joints pains.  I feel fatigue, malaise and headache from time to time.  My body temperature is between 99° to 100°F.  My blood testing for Rheumatoid Factor (RF) and C-reactive protein (CRP) are sometime positive and sometimes negative, most time they are in the borderlines.  I used pain relievers, such as Tylenol, Advil, Ibuprofen, and Move-Free, to reduce the symptoms.  After several year of taking these medications, I began to have severe stomach problems.  Thanks God I found this magic tea!  I only have taken it for 45 days and my joint pain has gone and the stiffness and discomfort of my figure joints have greatly reduced.   I’m continuing to take this tea and I do believe with time, my joint pain will be totally getting better and better.  I highly recommend this product. It’s taste sweet, really help.  Best of all, I have not noticed any side effects at all so far.

Dr. Tina Z.


Another story: 

Back to a few years ago, I noticed that my body joints were getting stiffs and persistent pain, and gradually getting worse. It does not related to the weather conditions or other environment factors, neither to my living habits. Overall I am not an active out-going person and less or zero physical exercise, all of these added to my weak physical and body issues. Since it impacted me on doing some works or activities, I had to seek medical exam, physician’s advice, and treatments. My X-ray confirmed my de-forming and inflammatory joints in hands. . However, my doctors had no much options to treat me except some over the counter pain relief medicine or recommendation to physical therapy. I tried all but improvement was ignorable.

A friend knowing my sufferings connected me with Jim who asked me the pain history and examined my joints closely. He provides me some reasonable explanations on the causes of my pain and advice on how to treat in theory of ancient oriental medicine. He also gave me a dark red jelly herb tea, ( “Arthritis Herbal Tea”) . It tastes sweet without any undesired flavor. After 3 weeks, I noticed a big improvement in every joints in term of less pain, less stiffness, less swollen, more free movement. Mostly my curved fingers started to turn to straight. So far this is the best treatment I could find. High recommendation of Mr. Jim and his Arthritis Herbal Tea to you if you have the similar sufferings.

Peter Yeung


The following one is a very typical user, who is exactly “cold” arthritis, experiencing extreme pain without medication. The result is like magic within one day.



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  1. Victoria Valentine

    I have severe arthritis in my hands. All of my fingers are crooked.
    I have had both hips replaced, which has been a miracle!
    In May just within a few days I lost the use of my index finger and thumb on my right hand. They will not bend at the outermost knuckle. I am an artist, and I can now not even hold a paintbrush, or a pen, or pencil. It came on very suddenly, and these two fingers are my most important fingers. I have several trigger fingers which I have to harshly raise from my fisted position. I would not say I’m in constant pain, I just can’t use them they won’t function.

      1. I have Rheumatoid arthritis through my whole body. It ha even gotten into my eye and around my heart. I have been on methotrexate and other meds for years. It has flared something horrible in the last few months and if I even sit for a little while I stiffen up so bad I can barely walk. My fingers feel like I’m being dabbed with a sharp object. I am on Sulfasalasone 500 2 twice a day but it’s not helping anymore. I have also been on steroids since 2013. I am looking for something to help my pain. I tried ashemy tincture and I thought it was helping but then the pain came back. Unfortunately my whole body has started hurting terribly. I see my Dr next month and I’m pretty sure I will have to go back on the methotrexate.

  2. Hi i have Rheumatoid Arthritis and i was diagnosed three years at the age 48 and i had been on med methotrexate for two half years and it was working for me but have lot of side effect and now starting to have more pain all over my body including my eyes and a hissing noise in my ear swelling in hands feet and knees even under my eyes right at the cheek bone i am so stiff in morning my knees wont bend to squat and my muscles are tight in back of knees and thigh i just feel awful. My doctor want to switch my med to biologic but im terrified of all of the meds i prefer if it work for me to go to something natural. Im very well interested in trying natural herbs.

    1. Hi Ann my name is Angela and i read your story here and i am experincng the exact thing you are experiencing i have rheumatoid arthritis and is going through every symptom you are having I’ve been taking methotrexate for three years now i was diagnosed at 48 too and is going through everything you just mentioned here im sorry to here this cause it scary…it make me wonder if the methotrexate is worsening us im so sick right now im crying out for help my kids are so sad and its hard for them to see me like this. Me and my teenage kids is afraid for my life right now cause i am all they have after the passing of their father and just hearing your story im just wondering have you tried any herbal remedies or this tea, if so how is it working for you? I really want to try this tea and know if it works.

  3. Hi, I was recently diagnosed with arthritis in my feet. I also have it in my hands. It started out being mild but now the pain is increasing and it is more often. I am late for work often because I wake up in pain and I have to soak my feet before leaving for work. Soaking my feet relieves the pain for awhile. I have made changes to my diet which helped a little at first. I need my feet. Without them I can not work and pay my bills. I would like to try your tea.

  4. I have been taking this tea for 2 weeks at 10ml twice a day, and feel significantly better. I have had back, knee, wrist and finger pain for years. My wrist and fingers move more easily and I am not as stiff in the morning as I was previously. I am very happy with this tea and do believe with continued use, my condition will continue to improve.

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