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I graduated from University of Illinois with M.S. degree of plant biology 20+ years ago. I have done many years of biological research on molecular biology, pharmacogenomics in the lab in some reputational research institutes. But I felt that I can’t find a true solution for my own arthritis, which i have started from college with mild symptoms. Later, I turned my interest into herbal medicine, and I studied a lot of old wisdom and knowledge especially from TCM, which had documented records for herb’s medical use 2000+ years with its own complete theory and rich practice. I have personally successfully treated some family members and friends with herbs.


It is amazing to have such a long history for accumulated experience and knowledge, success and failure, live and death, many experiments in real clinical practice. Those documented treasures are so precious. 1800 years ago, the treatment with herbal formulas is very standardized already to get patients fully recovered. It’s hard to imagine, right? I realized we are totally blinded and fooled by science in some degrees. I’m not saying science is bad. Actually, science is good. But, for our complicated body’s function, science is still way too young and way to limited knowledge on our body’s biology. It’s still developing and has new findings every day. Most importantly, we had a lot of misunderstanding with the real science.


With years of dedicated study of TCM, combined modern scientific research, and numerous experimentations, I developed a better herbal formula that is more suitable for most of arthritis in U.S. population. It’s less strong (to avoid some potential side-effect), and more suitable for daily drink as tea. I tested with myself, my family members, my friends, and all gave me positive results.

My knee doesn’t feel pain anymore. I used to feel pain in the cold/rainy weather, now it’s not pain anymore. I believe it’s recovered. Our body’s signal won’t lie.

And I believed this can be extremely beneficial for many other people who are suffering from arthritis joint pain, and I believed it can change many people’s life, in a good way. I’m excited to share with you here.


Works for Other People

I also give this special tea to my mom, who is 71 years old now. She used to have feet (heel) pain and knee pain, also had spinal disc bulge (Spinal disc herniation). She complained heel pain when walking too much, and also knee pain when walking on stairs. After drinking for about 1-2 month, her pain is significantly reduced. She continued for almost one year so far. Even the spinal disc bugle pain is not occurring much. It’s all natural, nontoxic, and amazing! She feels great now. She never complained any pain or any discomfort since then.

I also helped other friends as well. And I realized many people are suffering from arthritis joint pain. Then I decided to help more people to relieve the pain.


Jim Ye

Co-Founder of Arthritis Herbal Tea

14 thoughts on “Personal Story about Arthritis Herbal Tea”

    1. I have been trying to find 5his for 3-4 years. I am the 9nly caregiver for my 97 yr. Old, 2 hard, & 3 m8nu stroke, Mom. I am 70 yrs. Old. 8 am really needing 5h8s so very bad, 8f * can afford it at all. I am hurting so very bad in my ties, fingers, knees, & my back. I am having lots of trouble walking, & using my hands. 8 have to care for Mom. I need help so I can continue doing so. We are both widows, living in the country i ourselves. Please, send me the information on how I could get this soon? Thankyou

  1. Hi my name is Cynthia I have Hashimoto Disease, I was reading about your tea for my sister who has Rheumatoid Arthritis, she has had it for about 15 years. She doesn’t take any Arthritis medication for her Arthritis just a lot of Motrin. She is now having issues because of the Motrin she has been taking for so long. I will be passing on the information about the tea for her. Back to my question about my Hashimoto’s would your tea work for me and my Hashimoto’s to help get rid of the inflammation that I have from the Hashimoto’s? Thank you for you time.

    1. Hi, Cynthia
      TCM is a totally different system. It has different disease categorization, according to symptoms. Please read all the blog articles, to understand it.
      Hashimoto Disease is named under current medical system. You are asking an Android question to an iOS engineer.
      We need to check the symptoms and then we can see.

    I’m 68 years old and I have 80 to o0 percent of my body is RA and osteoporosis in my knees please help I take care of my 95 year old husband he depends on me he is going blind he has degenerative eye syndrome thank you and may God Bless you all

    1. Sounds like it’s “cold” type. Our product works for “cold” type, not “hot” type. (TCM is a different system with different categorization).
      You may try it and feel it. Usually, you can feel the pain reduced within a few days if it works.

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