Arthritis Herbal Tea, an ultimate and best natural solution for most of “cold-type” arthritis bone pain, based on TCM system.

Can Arthritis be cured? — if you ask a Doctor

—- NO, if based on current Modern Medical Science system. This is the typical answer you may get from Doctors or Scientists.

Can Arthritis be cured? — if you ask a TCM practitioner in China or other Asian country

—  You may get a totally different and surprise answer. 

 ..^_^..  (check our blogs to find the answer by yourself, if you believe your body has self-healing capability.)

Modern Medical Science and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) system are two different systems, with: 
  1. Different theory.
  2. Different categorization of diseases
  3. Different methodology
  4. Different approach to treat diseases.

Science doesn’t understand how TCM (both acupuncture and herbal) works, because TCM focus more on Energy/Qi flow in each organ, and Yin/Yang (Material/Energy) balance in the body, water distribution, temperature of each organ, the interaction of Qi and Blood, the interaction of different organs, the interaction of water, temperature, and organs, the interaction of emotion and organs. All of those can’t be detected/observed/verified by modern science yet.

Here, we present this specially formulated herbal tea for you. We believe it’s not only be good for people’s general health wellbeing, but it would be especially beneficial more for people whose suffering from “cold type” bone/joint pain, no matter it’s osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Psoriatic Arthritis, or other kinds of Arthritis, or bone cancer, or myeloma(EXCLUDE Gout, Lupus.)

Basically, this herbal tea is beneficial for joint pain or bone pain with all the “cold type”, which is the majority of arthritis patients having now in U.S.A

*Note: Those “cold type” and “hot type” terms are used to refer the different categorization by TCM methodology. 


This honey flavored functional herbal tea is developed under the theory and knowledge of ancient TCM formulation and combined with modern scientific research knowledge, to restore the flexibility and mobility of the joints. 

The formula is designed to nourish and re-balance the Yin/Yang of  the body’s bone/joint system with all kinds of “cold type” arthritis pain (such as rheumatoid arthritis),  by driving out the COLD, WETNESS AND WINDS (special terms in TCM theory) from the joints, as well as enhancing the Kidney Yang. Those combined factors (external and internal) are the “root cause”, according to TCM.

It may boost the body’s self-healing capability.

Who should try this tea?
  • People who suffer from all kinds of “cold type” Arthritis that associated with joint pain.
  • People who wants to stop severe Joint pain permanently.
  • People who wants to restore joint mobility and flexibility, Eliminate Inflammation.
  • People who wants to maintaining healthy joints and slow down joint deterioration associated with aging.
  • People believes body’s self-healing capability can be boosted.

Essential Ingredients

This herbal tea is made from 100% natural herbs. These herbs are carefully selected from different areas in Asian countries to maintain their authentic and effectiveness.   

The hand-picked authentic Chinese herbs are hand processed with special treatment. Our processing insured both effectiveness and safety. Some of main ingredients are Guizhi (strengthen the body’s Yang Qi), Baishao (to nourish the body’s Yin), Dried Ginger, ZhiGanCao, HuangQi, BaiZhu, FuLing, FangFeng,  Saffron, etc. with special formulation.

Guizhi and Baishao work together to balance Yin/Yang to fight the auto-immune reaction and enhance the Yang (Qi/Energy).  BaiZhu (Atractylodes macrocephala) and FuLing (Poria cocos) are used to remove wetness; FangFeng to repel wind; Dried ginger is for eliminate the cold from the joints.  With optimized formulation, all the ingredients work synergically to fight the “cold & wet & wind” and enhance the Yang/Qi in the body and restore the functionality of damaged joints.

Why this tea?

The tea really works without any negative side effects but with potential to stop using medications forever (occasionally with some “good” side effects with very sensitive people).

All natural ingredients.

No relapse after stopping treatment with herbs.

Excellent customer service: Quality and professional customer caring service via live person and emails.

Risk-free guarantee: We are so confident with our tea’s effectiveness, so we offer you 100% Money-Back Guarantee within 2 weeks from shipping if no effects observed at all.   


Take about 10 ml per day with a glass of warm/hot water (Recommended). Continued daily use for three to six months is highly recommended, which can effectively prevent recurrence. 

If your situation is more severe, you may need to increase the amount per day. Please contact us for free consultation about the consumption.


We believe most diseases are developed due to external factors, such as eating habit, lifestyle, etc. We have a specific guideline and advice on this subject. And we highly advise to pay attention to this. We’ll send a guideline after you purchase our herbal tea, to get maximum results.

What can you expect?

If your arthritis pain is due to the “cold & wet” and reduced Yang/Qi, then you should see the pain reduces significantly within 1-2 weeks after consumption of our herbal tea, according to our experience/knowledge.

To significantly improve the overall arthritis situation, it may take a few months to one year, depends on the seriousness of the situation. Remember, arthritis is not developed by weeks or months, but instead, it is developed and accumulated by many years. So don’t expect overnight fix. A mild situation may take 3-6 months to recover, a serious situation (like, the hand/feet shape has changed dramatically) may take 1-2 years to recover.

However, you should feel immediate result within 1-2 weeks, and then you should have confidence that this herbal tea is right for your situation. 

If no feeling within 1-2 weeks, then probably this herbal tea is not the ideal solution for your situation. Welcome to contact us for further consultation.


This is a dietary supplement.  Above statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

All the stories and experience on this website are PERSONAL experience, not representing the scientific results/statement.


For adults only.  Do not use if you are pregnant, undergoing surgery, or attempting to become pregnant. If nursing, taking any medication or have any medical condition, please consult your health professional before use. If you have any allergic reactions, stop taking the supplement and talk to your health professionals.

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

Within 15 days of purchase, you can contact us and simply tell us that you don’t feel any improvement for your overall health wellbeing, you will get 100% refund after you sending it back, i.e., we will give the product to you FREE.

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